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 No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 2: Meeting New People

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PostSubject: No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 2: Meeting New People   No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 2: Meeting New People I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 3:30 pm

Alright! We left you off after meeting Kai!

You woke up to someone knocking on your bedroom door and a rather annoying voice. "Come on Kali! Get up!" You heard someone scream while the knocking soon turned into an aggressive banging. "What the hell!" You screamed before throwing your pillow at the door. "Leave me alone! It's not even-" But you stopped yourself once you seen it was already twelve in the afternoon.
"Tyson is going to kill me." You said while standing up half awake. Just then, Tyson, Kenny, and a blonde boy with freckles came barging into your room as you see your mother run across the hallway. "Probably told them to come right in... Figures. Just wait til I see her!" Looking back at your cousin, you sat down, not wanting to make too much of an effort. "What do you want Tyson?" You finally asked as you rubbed your eyes. "I called like three times Kali! You didn't come by this morning and I thought something could have happened to you last night!" By this point, Tyson was shaking you by your shoulders, making you dizzy. "Well Im fine! Now go away!" You screamed while smacking Tyson's head in with the nearest stuffed animal on the floor. He tumbled back but ended up hitting you back with it before sitting down acrossed from you on the bed. Still too tired to do anything, you just looked at him.

"So this is your cousin." The blonde boy said while sitting down in your computer chair. Kenny had found a spot on your bed as well as you sat there dumbfounded. "And you are?" You ask while looking towards the blonde headed boy. "Oh sorry, how rude. I'm Max." He saed while laughing and rubbing the back of this neck. "Oh, hey Max, I'm Kali but just call me Kal." You say with a smile before looking towards Kenny who didn't seem to be too happy. Tyson and Max had started talking about you, Tyson mostly with stories of your childhood that your mother told him. Leaning forward in your chair, you poked Kenny in the arm. He looked over at you from his computer screen. "Something wrong?" you whisped as Tyson doesn't even seem to be paying any attention to you or Kenny. "It's nothing, don't worry about it." Kenny replied before turning back to his computer. You just shrug slightly before standing up and pointing towards the door. "Alright, I love doing this so I'm kicking you all out. I'll be down in a few minutes."

You and the three guys had been walking over to Max's dad's shop. He was telling you how there were dishes and stuff in the back to practice in. Tyson was interrupting from time to time, making everything sound so grand and great. You hardly paid much attention to him. "So, does Tyson really need a lot of work when it comes to beyblading?" Max laughed at your question as Tyson started screaming. "I'm fine the way I am!" Ignoring Tyson, you looked up at Max as he just gave you a nod, which Tyson had seen clearly. Before you knew it, you were at the shop where you met Max's father who seemed to be really nice. "So, you Max's girlfriend?" was the first question he asked after you introduced yourself to him. "Dad!" Max replied as his face became a little red. Tyson was in the corner laughing so hard, you swore he would just drop dead from a heart attack.
"Tyson! Shut up!" You screamed at him as Kenny stood there with a red face also. "Ok you two settle down. It was only a joke kids." Max's dad said to you and Tyson as it looked like you were going to give Tyson the beating of his lifetime.

The four of you went to the back room where small arena's had been set up. Tyson, being the way he is, was wiping away tears as he still let out a laugh here and there. Max had took his place by a bowl as you made your way to the opposite side while Tyson and Kenny sat down with their backs to the wall, watching you and Max. Kenny, of course, was typing away, ready to record the data on your beyblade seeing he hasn't had the chance to do it in the past as Tyson finally stopped laughing at watched the two of you.
"1! 2! Let it Rip!" You and Max say at the same time while launching your beyblades. The two beyblades started to spin around the edge of the dish as Max was chasing you. Finally, when you felt as if the time was right, you quickly spun around and came at him with such a force, he didn't know what hit him. As soon as the battle started, it ended when Max's beyblade hit the floor while yours stood still spinning in the middle of the dish. "Well, it looks like I win this one." You said while putting an innocent smile on your face. Tyson and Kenny both sat there amazed as Tyson remembers Max giving him a hard time when they were battling against one another. "Wow. That was really good Kali." Max said as he picked up his green beyblade from the ground. "Oh really? Thanks." You reply while your grabbed your beyblade that shot up from the dish at you. Suddenly, an old looking man came in with another man behind him. "Hello kids." The old man said as everyone turned their attention to him. "Uhh... Hello." You replied as Tyson and Kenny stood up. Then, the other man who had followed the old man in held up a poster. It was for a beyblade tournament. Your ocean blue eyes seemed to sparkle as you looked upon it.

The old man told you about the tournament as everyone seemed to be excited about it, even Kenny. You knew he would have fun playing with the beyblades and making them new and improved. You, however, lost yourself in your own dream world.

Standing in the center of the stage, you held flowers in your arm as your beyblade was held up in your left hand. Everyone in the stands were cheering your name as you were being presented with the 1st place trophy. "Thank you! I couldn't have done it with the help of my good friend Reznor!"

Tyson was shaking you again as you snapped back into reality. "Hey, welcome back Kal." Max said as he stood next to you. "Are you alright?" Kenny asked while typing away. "Uhh... Yeah, I'm just fine!" Looking around, you noticed that old man was gone. "Now where did he go?" you asked while looking around. "He left a while ago while you were... You were umm... What were you doing?" Max asked as he looked at you. "I was umm..." You said but couldn't answer it yourself. "Now I'm acting just like Tyson! God I hate my family traits." You think to yourself as you, Tyson, and Kenny say your goodbyes to Max and head out, ready to go home.
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No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 2: Meeting New People
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