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 No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 1: The Beginning and the Confusion that Follows

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No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 1: The Beginning and the Confusion that Follows Empty
PostSubject: No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 1: The Beginning and the Confusion that Follows   No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 1: The Beginning and the Confusion that Follows I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 3:17 pm

It was in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday when you received a phone call. Naturally, your parents weren't home so you got stuck with picking it up. "Hey Kali, I really need your help." Your cousin Tyson said quickly. "Hello to you too, Tyson." You told him with a roll of your eyes. "What do you need help with? Shoving food down your throat?" You say in a sarcastic voice. "No, I can do that all on my own. Now! Kenny said I need a strategy and so, I'm practicing and need your help. I can't just hit empty cans and stuff. That isn't much of a challenge at all." Tyson said with a bit of a desperate voice. "Strategy? For what? Someone finally beat you Tyson?" You asked with a chuckle. "Kai." He mumbled over the phone, giving you the name of the kid. "Fine Tyson, I'll be over in a little bit." You tell him before hanging up the phone.

Back at Tyson's house.

"Kali is coming." Tyson said, looking over at Andrew and Kenny as their eyes are in little heart shapes. "Really? That's great!" Kenny manages to say while Andrew seemed to be in his own little world. "Come on guys, stop acting like that. You're both starting to scare me." Tyson told the two but it seemed as if they were now both in Andrew's dream world.
You arrived an hour later and walked right in as if you lived there. Taking off your shoes and slipping on a pair of blue slippers, you started walking through the house, trying to find were Tyson had been but soon, you heard someone talking. "I can't believe Dragoon is in my beyblade!" Tyson's voice seemed to echo though the walls. You soon went into the training room (Don't remember what that room is called. ^.^' It's were Tyson and his Grandfather always practice that sword thing. Yeah...) and noticed Tyson in his white outfit (The one he trains in.) looking down at his beyblade. "Hey Tyson. I'm here." You said as you wave slightly. He looked up at you and waved with his white beyblade in his hand. "Hey Kali." Walking over to Tyson, you look down at his beyblade. "Got a bit-beast I see. Is that why you needed help? You didn't have to make up a story about you getting beat just because you can't control your bit-beast." You say as you take his beyblade away from him and examine it. "That's not why!" Tyson yelled at you, snatching his beyblade back. "I do need your help. Kenny and Andrew, they can't help me like you can." he says while walking towards the door. "Oh? Well, are we going to just talk or are we going to get started?" You asked as you followed him. "Come on!" An excited Tyson yelled out to you as he took off out of the room and then, out of the house.

You had met up with Andrew and were still going but to where, you had no clue. The training Tyson had talked about never happened as you arrived at this abandoned looking building. "Where's Kenny?" you asked Andrew but before he could answer, you noticed Kenny with a group of kids. He was tied up. A shocked expression took over your face as you ran in front of Tyson to where the kids had Kenny. Suddenly, a boy with grayish blue hair jumped down from a place you hadn't noticed, landing at the edge of a large bowl where you assumed they practiced with their beyblades. You where soon pulled back by Tyson as he just handed you over to Andrew. "Kai! I've come to challenge you!" Tyson told the boy you had seen just jump down. "Kai, so that's him." You said more to yourself then anyone else. Kai just seemed to stay cool as if nothing was happening. Soon, before you had even noticed, Kai and Tyson were battling. You and Andrew watched as you marveled over Kai's talent. You just kept watching and watching as it seemed Kai had the upper hand. Soon, the two called out their bit-beasts as their beyblades clashed into one another. "Go get him Tyson!" You yelled out as a small jump and a cheer escaped from you. Kenny, who was still tied up, just had heart shaped eyes as it looked like he was drooling. Being a little freaked out, you came closer to where the dish was held, making sure you had a safe distance away. The battled ended and Tyson was the one to win this one. Everyone had gone now leaving you, Kenny, Andrew, and Tyson to walk home as the sun set, bringing forth a new day.

Tyson had argued with you when you told him you were going home but his words didn't seem to change your decision. "Walking home this late is dangerous Kali! You don't know who's out there waiting to kidnap you." Tyson said with his arms crossed as if he knew everything. "Tyson, I'm not staying here." You told him while you put your shoes on. "Besides, my mother would have a fit." You told him while tying your shoelaces. Standing up straight, you looked back at Tyson. "Then let me walk you home. It's the least I can do." Tyson said while he sat down to go put on his shoes. "No Tyson. Then I'd hate the idea of you walking back by yourself."
"Then you'd know how I feel letting you go alone." Tyson came back as he reached for his shoes. Using your foot, you kicked his shoes away from him as fast as you could before running out the door screaming your goodbyes. "I'll come over tomorrow to help you with your beyblade!" You yelled as you disappeared behind the wall leading to the streets. Tyson stood in the doorway watching until he could watch no more. "Stubborn! That's what she is. All girls are stubborn!" Tyson stated as if it were a fact of life. "Hey dude, what you doing screaming at this hour?" Tyson grandfather asked as he came from around the corner.

You had slowed your pace to just a walk. It was dark out as the only light you had to go by was the bright shining moon above you. Stopping at the corner of the street, you looked around to make sure no cars were coming from either side and soon, you found that there was none. You began walking once again, staring at the sidewalk as you lost yourself in thought. Instead of thinking about Tyson and his new bit-beast Dragoon, your mind gave you images of Kai. "I barley know him so why? Why am I think about him? This is ridicules! Snap out of it Kali!" As that last thought left your mind, you ended up bumping into something or should I say, someone. Looking up, your ocean blue yes met dark piercing brown ones. "Where have I-" But your thought were interrupted as you snapped out of it all and stepped back. "I'm sorry." You say in a apologetic tone of voice as you bow. "Just watch out where your going next time." A harsh voice said to you. "That voice, it's-" But you couldn't finish your thought once you looked up to see Kai.

Quickly, you put yourself in a defensive mode. "What was all that back there?" You ask as your voice changed into a harsh accusing one. Kai stood there as he crossed his arms against his chest and let out a sigh of frustration. "It has nothing to do with you." Kai replied with his eyes closed as if you were some silly little child. You stood there shocked and confused to what to do. You had opened your mouth, ready to say something but you soon realized, Kai wasn't there anymore. "Where did he--" you began to think to yourself but you soon answered your own question once you turned around to see him walking away, to where, you didn't know. "Jerk." was the only word to come to your mind as you continued you walk home.
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No Way Out: A Beyblade Story Chapter 1: The Beginning and the Confusion that Follows
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