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 No Way Out: A Beyblade Fanfic (Information about the Upcoming Fanfiction)

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No Way Out: A Beyblade Fanfic (Information about the Upcoming Fanfiction) Empty
PostSubject: No Way Out: A Beyblade Fanfic (Information about the Upcoming Fanfiction)   No Way Out: A Beyblade Fanfic (Information about the Upcoming Fanfiction) I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 12:34 pm

Just a little explanation about what's to come in the future

Okay, Okay. Back when I use to live at, I did two fanfics, both of which will be put in here and as you can see from the title at the top, this one will be the Beyblade fanfic. (My very first one I did! )

Now, for those of you who use to frequent Quizilla, (Not sure if the users still refer to the main character the same way as they did back then) the story would center around a new character that would be put in the story as yourself so, instead of that new character's name, we would simply just write in 'You'.

So, instead of this...

'Kali walked into the room, smiled and waved to her friends.'

It would be like this...

'You walked into the room, smiled and waved to your friends.'

And so, just a small warning to any boys who might be reading this, this fanfic was intended for girls, but of course you're invited to read it too!

Anyway! Onto your character description and info about who you are!

Your name is Kali Takamoto and you're 15 years old. Being the cousin of Tyson Granger isn't the easiest job in the world, especially when he comes over to visit. Your parents are wealthy as it's shown very well with the large house you live in. Usually, they aren't home because they are constantly working. In all your free time, you've become fascinated with the world of Beyblading and now have your very own beyblade with a bit-beat named Reznor. You've been practicing for years and in all that time, you've gotten a reputation of one of the best beybladers known to man. Although this is not an official title, it still gets your head spinning when your fans show up for little battles you go through. You've also found that there is a fan club dedicated to you and your bit-beast Reznor.

~Your description~

Standing at the height of 5'6 you have short silver hair and bright ocean blue eyes. You are usually found wearing a black, shoulder less dress that stops a little ways above your knees. The top part of it looks as if there is a white shirt underneath it folded over the black as white little buttons go all the way down the center of the dress. The bottom of this dress finishes with many white ruffles that create the illusion there are many layers of white fabric underneath the bottom of your dress. With this particular outfit, you wear knee high leg warmers that poof out a little as well as ankle high black boots with many buckles found on them. (Now what's an outfit without accessories?) Your also found always wearing a black collar with a shiny silver cross hanging from a small silver chain around your neck. It was given to you around Christmas by one of your fans.

~Reznor's descriptions~

Reznor is shaped with a human figure yet, his skin is a pale blue-gray and he had claws for hands as well as hooves for feet plus a long thin tail to top things off. Reznor's hair is short and red and he wears black pants and a black top that shows off the bottom part of his chest. With it's long bat like wings, Reznor is able to do his special attacks. Razor Wings and Moon Struck.
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No Way Out: A Beyblade Fanfic (Information about the Upcoming Fanfiction)
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