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 Sword of Truth

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PostSubject: Sword of Truth   Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:28 pm

Sword of Truh is a series of 11 epic fantasy novels written by Terry Goodkind. and 1 novella.
The eleven books in the series are Wizard's First Rule (1994), Stone of Tears (1995), Blood of the Fold (1996), Temple of the Winds (1997), Soul of the Fire (1999), Faith of the Fallen (2000), The Pillars of Creation (2001), Naked Empire (2003), Chainfire (2005). Phantom (2006) and Confessor (2007).

The main character is a young man named Richard Cypher, a simple woods guide who lends a hand to a stranger seeking a nameless Wizard who disappeared many years ago. Over the course of the series, Richard learns about his heritage while seeking to stop the evil that others would unleash upon the world of the living. Because Richard refuses to sacrifice his values and lives his life as a free man, others begin to understand the nobility of man and what it means to be free. Each book is loosely themed around a Wizard's Rule, tenets by which all wizards should abide.

Excellent books. I myself promise that if pick up the first book and you like adventure fantasies with mysteries, twists, and extreme details, and read it all the way through; then you won't be able to stop, but you Won't regret it.
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Sword of Truth
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